Behavior and Gesture Analysis

Face tracking

Accurate face tracking and 3D head pose prediction (shown in top left as a 3D vector of pitch, yaw and tilt) while the face is making various facial expressions as well as out of plane rotations. The 79 tracked landmarks corresponding to the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and face contour are shown as red dots.

ASL recognition

We are able to track face, head and eyebrow height, and the system detects no wh non-manual marker.

Facial expression recognition

Facial Expression Recognition and Intensity Estimation.
Age Estimation and Human Action Recognition.

Dyadic Synchrony as a Measure of Trust and Veracity

We investigate how degree of interactional synchrony can signal whether trust is present, absent, increasing or declining.

Fatigue detection by capturing eyelid blinking

We develop a system to detect fatigues by tracking slow eyelid closure using a single camera.

Children Autism

In this project we try to assess natural movements of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the classroom settings.

Expression Flow for Face Compositing

We address the problem of correcting an undesirable expression on a face photo by transferring local facial components.

Group Activity Analysis

This project models human group activities in video sequences.