Graduated Ph.D. Students at Rutgers

Xiang Yu (CS, Oct 2015)
Senior Associate Researcher, NEC Laboratories America.

Yang Yu (CS, Oct 2015)
Software Engineer, Facebook.

Lin Zhong (CS, May 2015)
Software Engineer, Snapchat.

Mustafa Gokhan Uzunbas (CS, Jan 2015)
Research Scientist, GE Global Research.

Scott Kulp (CS, Jan 2015)
Computational Scientist and Senior Developer, Climate Central.

Mingchen Gao (CS, Oct 2014)
Postdoc fellow, National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Fei Yang (CS, Oct 2013)
Research Scientist, Facebook.

Xinyi Cui (CS, May 2013)
Research Scientist, Facebook.

Shaoting Zhang (CS, January 2012)
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CS, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Xiaoxu Wang (CS, June 2011)
Researcher, Chinese Academy Of Sciences.

Junzhou Huang (CS, June 2011).
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Univ. of Texas Arlington.

Peng Yang (CS, December 2010).
Research Scientist, Intelligent Automation.

Yuchi Huang (CS, December 2009)
Research Scientist, NEC, Beijing, China.

Zhiguo Li (CS, June 2009)
Research Assistant Professor, NYUMC.

Atul Kanaujia (CS, December 2009),
Researcher, Object Video, VA.

Jinghao Zhou (BME, October 2008),
Assistant Professor, Medical Physics, University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Zhen Qian (BME, May 2008)
Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Specialist, Fuqua Heart Center of Atlanta, Piedmont Heart Institute.

Rui Huang (CS, October 2008)
Research Scientist, NEC, Beijing, China.

Viorel Mihalef (CS, October 2007),
Researcher, Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ.

Rong Zhang (CS, October 2006).
Lecturer, University of Florida Gainsville.

Xiaolei Huang (CS, March 2006)
Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE, Lehigh University.

Graduated Ph.D. Students at UPenn

Z. Hu (CS, February 2005)
MUREX North America, Technical Consultant, 2005-present.

K. Park (CS, July 2004)
Samsung, Korea, Dec 2005-present.

A. Montillo (CS, June 2004)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers Univ., 2004-2011.
Researcher, GE Global Research, Scenectedy NY.

T. Chen (BME, March 2003)
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, NYU School of Medicine, 2003-2008.
Bioinformatics Assistant Professor UMDNJ, 2008-present.

C. Vogler (CS, Jan. 2003)
Research Assistant Professor, Gallaudet University, 2003-2006.
Research Scientist, Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athens, Greece, 2006-2011.
Associate Professor, Gallaudet University, 2011-present.

S. K. Goldenstein (CS, Dec. 2002)
Associate Professor of Computer Science, IC-Unicamp, Brazil, October 2003 to present.

G. Huang (CS, Nov. 2002). Quantitative Associate.
Majestic Research, Manhattan, New York, July 2004 to present.

S. Huh, (CS, August 2002). Postdoctoral Fellow,
Rutgers University, September 2002 to 2007. PDI Researcher 2007-present.

F. Azar, (BME, May 2001) Siemens Corporate Research, NJ,
January 2002 to 2010. Philips research 2010 to present.

H. Sun, (CIS, Oct. 2000)
Independent Consultant, October 2001 to present.

D. Samaras, (CIS, Oct. 2000)
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, SUNY Stony Brook, September 2007 to present.

E. Haber (BME, Feb. 2000)
Assistant Professor, Children’s Hospital and Instructor at Harvard Medical School, March 2000 to present.

J. Lo (MEAM, Dec. 98)
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, January 1998 to December 2000.
Lucent Technologies, Allentown, PA, January 2001 to present.

T. Jones (CIS, September 98),
Align Technology, Sunnyvale, CA, August 1998 to present.

D. DeCarlo (CIS, August 98),
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, September 1998 to present.

N. Foster (CIS, Sept. 1997),
Head of Animation Software, Pacific Data Images/Dreamworks, 1998-2003,
Head of Global FX Dreamworks, 2003-2005, CTO IDT Entertainment, August 2005 to present. He also got a Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1999 for introducing and using Navier Stokes-based methods for 3D fluid animations in the movie industry (His
thesis work). He used these methods to model the water special effects in the movie “Antz” (1998).

I. Kakadiaris (CIS, Oct. 1996)
Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Houston, September 1997 to present.

J. Kaye (CIS, Sept. 1996, Co-supervised with B. Webber)
President, Equipment Simulations LLC.

J. Park (CIS, June 1996)
Professor, Information and Communications University, South Korea.

M. Chan (CIS, Oct. 1995, Co-supervised with G. Herman)
Researcher, General Electric, Scenectedy, New York, October 2003 to 2007.
Researcher, Lincoln Labs (2007 to present).